Somewhere from the darkness, a light emerged.
At first pale, then all the clearer.
Sorrow played in the background.
The night was pure silence.
White light, tiny blue circles around it.
And it seemed like a part of the sky sparkled with glitter
radiating a blue tenderness.

But all of it was just a firefly.

© Eclipse 1979

Image: Firefly Forest by Joel N. Barkley


This is the translation of my very first poem, written when I was 17.  🙂 I was reminded of it for some days ago and  here I want to thank to Blaga Todorova (Broken Sparkles) and The Gooseberry Garden for the lovely opportunity to be featured at the community site that offers the inspiration in so many ways.

My Interview at The Gooseberry Garden

~ by Eclipse on October 24, 2011.

14 Responses to “*Disappointment*”

  1. During my uncreative and pre-autumn period 🙂 /when Iw asn’t reading and writing much a a month ago/ I’ve missed so many of your lovely poems, I’m following them by the subscription mails, I do hope to catch up soon … Thank you for always encouraging me with lovely comments on my poetry, it means so much! Have a lovely day! Regards to you and Stefan!

    For the poem here … Twilight is one of my favorite English words, it has this dreamy taste and a promise in the meaning … your poem carried that taste so well and pleased my heart, despite the fire-fly end 🙂

  2. This poem already showed your writing style. And it paints a magical image I can relate to.

  3. Hello Eclipse.
    There’s something magical & mystical about fireflies.

    Written when you were just seventeen? WoW! What a lovely serenade it must have been to read this back then.

    Simply beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.

    BTW, congratulations on The Perfect Poet Award for Wk54 over at The Poetry Palace!

    Printed Pages

  4. This is a lovely treat Eclipse and
    a beautiful poem my great friend 🙂
    You wrote this when you were just
    seventeen but it is a very nice one
    and precious too is it not? 🙂

    Have a lovely rest of evening Eclipse

    Androgoth XXx

  5. “blue tenderness”… I love it 🙂
    Yes, I agree, that it was written with big talent.

  6. Aww I love seeing fireflies. Something magical about that glow.
    Glad you kept on writing.

  7. Hello Eclipse,
    magical and dark background and post…i really like!
    Have a magic week friend

  8. Really enjoyed this Eclipse, obviously your talent showed from the start

  9. Only 17 when you wrote this. It is wonderful and the picture brings it all to life.

  10. While reading as my dark eyes danced off your words while eating from my bowl of arterial sprayed popcorn and enjoying your more ancient writings…

  11. An enchanting Poem from a wise 17 yr old girl with much talent.. And who inspires and still enchants us all with her wonderful poetry of today..
    Dreamwalker xox Hugs my dear friend.

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