With a soul wrapped in twilight, her wings of perfume, spread for the last time, gently kissed the horizon.

Nothing to regret.
No one to blame.
No man’s memory to belong to.

Her bird eyes shone with diamonds dripping to the ground.

If she had a heart
it would be broken.


© Eclipse 2011

Image by vi.sualize.us

Shared on d’Verse – Poets Pub and
The Poetry Palace

~ by Eclipse on November 2, 2011.

28 Responses to “*Heartless*”

  1. crocodile tears! nice little piece here.
    makes me (the reader) want to know more about her.
    very arresting choice of descriptive words used.
    good job.

  2. O. this is so my heart’s true poem. and the illustration is so
    making me lose my mind. a bird cage[i collect them] with
    rose petals swimming around and that dress & gloves …O.

  3. This was well written. I enjoyed it and especially like the way you ended it. Great work.

  4. great ending line,

    please feel free to submit a random poem to our poetry picnic today, best!

  5. Hello.
    I am always treated to specialty whenever I visit here.
    Yes…it’s sad, but you pen it beautifully & your image rocks!

    Very nicely done, Eclipse!
    Thanks for sharing.

    A Weeping Rose

  6. love it, esp. that ending couplet. visual poetry…

    Leo @ I Rhyme Without Reason

  7. excellent!

  8. “No man’s memory to belong to.”

    Wow! Your poem speaks volumes, Eclipse. You describe heartless so well. Love the pic too.

  9. Wonderful sentiment and picture to go with !!!

  10. Yes, excellent last line.

  11. Simply beautiful…

  12. Excellent, really excellent. I love the last line – it hits hard. Beautifully executed.

  13. “no man’s memory to belong to . . . if she had a heart, it would be broken” oh, this poem is wonderful!

  14. such a lovely piece…nothing to regret…no one to blame…I wish it was so in my own life…great job!

  15. Excellent piece! The last line is awesome!


  16. love it,

    vivid capture of a state of mind, in a way, that is true and could be heart breaking.

  17. Cold, clean, and final…..Her bird eyes shone with diamonds dripping to the ground…..a great line, very vivid.

  18. sad,

    very lovely done imagery.

  19. ” Nothing to Regret and no one to blame” arrgh I wish! :-)… Great poetry as always my great friend..

  20. Awww… very sad….don’t like seeing anyone’s heart broken…

  21. I love the end. Very cruel. 😀

  22. A personified vagary with wings of perfume…intoxicating and provocative.

  23. the images print themselves like stamps onto the reader..and what a wonderful last line..

  24. Super match of words to the disdainful image.

  25. if she had a heart it would be broken..whew…nice close…really nice visuals throughout….

  26. like it eclipse

  27. That sounds like you’ve been picking up inside my mind these days … therefore I kind of sympathize and love it, despite the sad melody between the lines!

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