*out of the fears*

as a statue
watching life in passing
she waited
in an odd silence
an unnatural solitude
in a scarf of pain

in her head
lined up
without rest
weights of guilt
upon her shoulders
too heavy to bare
as a lunatic
she took them all
in a wish
of no harm

to breath
her cracked heart
stands no more
loosing the grip
down the cliff

of the own nature
of the futile devotion
she steps
out of the fears

her ocean boils
the ice of her patience
burns in flames
her raindrops of calm
are the steam
upon the mirror
of the past


© Eclipse 2011

Image by Fantasy Wallpapers


~ by Eclipse on November 25, 2011.

11 Responses to “*out of the fears*”

  1. To fight your fears, a task that requires bravery. Your words are strong and brave!

  2. Hello, you win perfect poet award for week 56, hope that you have enjoyed it.
    It has been a delightful experience with you supporting Thursday Poets Rally, we have enjoyed your presence and talent very much, thumbs up!
    fabulous poetry along the way, keep those gems coming.
    Always, you are more than welcome to join our biweekly rally.
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Belo poema !
    Boa noite….Paz!
    meu Blog:

  4. Beautifully written Eclipse, you have such a wonderful talent my great friend and I have enjoyed reading this one, indeed it is a really nice addition to your Space…

    Have a lovely rest of evening now 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  5. Very emotive and insightful as always Eclipse, I especially like the last verse…Simply brilliant! ;o)x

  6. This poem is breathtaking, due to its subject and your words. Wonderful how you break the chains in the last stanza. Love and light to you.

  7. Stunning, both picture and your powerful words. Sometimes we can’t go forward until we leave the past behind.

  8. You’re so good!!! I’m a huge fan of your poetry, Eclipe.

  9. Cool poem and it goes so well with the picture.

  10. ” Her raindrops of Calm…..” So Pleased to see that they melt into the steam of the past. 🙂
    Beautiful Eclipse… as is the image you have found..
    Wishing you a Relaxing Happy Weekend my dear friend.. ~Dreamwalker

  11. woow!! that picture is hauntingly beautiful.. And so is the poem.. 🙂

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