*If I Were Alive*

If I turned the page
if the story was different
like one
with a happy ending
for everyone but us
I wonder
would you still be in there
between the lines
to live
within the prison I made
for you
decades ago

And for how long
would I continue to feel
and yearning
before they would leave the shell
of the dying me

I know
I would seek on
wondering what’s hiding
under the waves
or what sleeps
behind the horizon of wishes
I would dream on
holding you inside my heart
so hard
that you would surely feel it

I wouldn’t try to stop the time
nor speed it
I would step outside it
into the poison of fantasy
pretending to be
in the middle
of the fairytale
we were about to have

I would

If I were alive


© Eclipse 2011

Shared on The Daily Post

Image by DesktopNexus

~ by Eclipse on December 9, 2011.

10 Responses to “*If I Were Alive*”

  1. Another amazing gift of words you give to the world Eclipse.. Amazing!!!!

  2. Strong words. I see them like you are able to feel lifeless even if you are physically living. Love especially these lines: “holding you inside my heart / so hard / that you would surely feel it”. I often had the intense feeling that it could only be this way. The universe will know …

  3. ….fantasy about to have”
    There is always the possibilty of fantasy but the satisfaction of making reality your fantasy is what makes you alive!

  4. Lovely vivid imagery, really enjoyed this

  5. Fabulous imagery. If she were alive. Your poetry is maturing, again, deepening into something more. A truly lovely read.

  6. This is a beautiful offering. So real for so many of the relationships we create. So often we die inside the fairytales we create however simultaneously we are capable of rebirth,either within or flying free from.
    This piece made me think.. and feel.. and read again
    Not a lot of poetry does that for me xx


  7. Lovely and fantasy story very nice.
    Havea magical weekend dear friend.

  8. very beautiful enchanting poem.. I love it.. 🙂

  9. A very nice poem Eclipse, and thank you
    for adding this alternative slant on… the life 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  10. Me too, my lovely Eclipse, me too … wonderful words to ponder … Love, cat.

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