*Her Sparkling Eyes*

For my daughter

Along the shore of life,
as well as any other shore,
there is sand and there are sea shells.
And there are screams.
The screams of seagulls,
those weird birds,
all alone in their affection to severe weather,
looking forward to the thunder and storms.

There is also seagrass at that shore.
An unfilled need of being loved.
Seagrass. The stranded passenger
abandoned of the waves,
now fading in the sun
upon the warm salty stones.

The grains of worries
always piling up
as we travel the road.
And turn into the wet castles of unrest,
teasing our souls,
our impatience.
never harming love.

Pierced by distress
we sometimes try to escape away.
Like birds
seeking out for the clouds.
We search a refuge,
a sanctuary
that would ease the pain.
And then we end
inside our own imagination.

But there are some rare pearls
out there in the sand.
The jewels emerged from the depth
of our restless ocean.
Precious and dear.
The jewels we had been given
in spite the instantaneity we are exposed to,
despite the frailty of our life.

Along the shore of this life,
as well as any other shore,
there are dunes of setbacks
and there are foaming waves of joy.

Her eyes sparkling in the night,
her laughter warming the soul.
A sunrise of relief
She is loved
and safe.
My castle upon the shore of life
still defies the storm.

© Eclipse 2011

~ by Eclipse on December 28, 2011.

16 Responses to “*Her Sparkling Eyes*”

  1. […] *Her Sparkling Eyes*. […]

  2. This poem so more than beautiful, it’s comes straight into my heart!

  3. A whole lot of loving going on in this poem. Beautiful!

  4. I really like the graphic in this post.

  5. We search a refuge,
    a sanctuary
    that would ease the pain.
    And then we end
    inside our own imagination.

    I love these lines particularly. She’s blessed with such a poem by her mother : )

  6. I will be back to add something to
    this one Eclipse and in the meantime
    have a beautiful start to your fine
    celebrations for the New Year 2012

    Be very happy my great friends
    Eclipse and Stefan 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  7. OMG what a mooded page – this is fantastic, & your poem for your daughter too. When the wolves first started making howls I thought I was hearing things. This is just a wonderful page! Happy New Year 🙂

  8. wooww!! beautiful write.. 🙂

  9. Safe and loved, she is lucky to have you as her sanctuary. Beautifully penned Eclipse. Happy New year to you!

  10. Beautiful poem Eclipse 🙂

  11. Beautiful words indeed, my friend … You are able to into words that I never could … You are amazing, and I’m proud to have you as my friend … Love, cat.

  12. Beautiful words…. 🙂

  13. Precious words !

  14. What a beautiful Poem for your Daughter.. We do indeed have those pearls within our shores. and they are held ever more closely as the storms of life pass us by….
    May your gems always hold their light in their eyes dear Eclipse,, And may they always know they are safe within your arms…
    Wishing you a Wonderful New Year… I ask that the rainbows shine and your pot of gold be forever within your reach . as you embrace all that you hold dear to your heart…
    Happy New Year Eclipse… xxx Hugs from a friend… x

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