*A Melody of Hope*

While the night
bleeds down the window
and the dream
begins to fade behind the eyes
everything that matters
is a melody of hope

While the raindrops
upon the glass
and the greyness
threaten of never giving up
everything that matters
is a treasure in the heart
one glow in darkness
a heart that listens
as a breath of new dawn
promising the light


© Eclipse 2012
Image from ntt.cc


I wish to give a special Thank You to dontchawannadream  for this lovely award.
I’m honored and moved.
Thank you dear Charlotte for thinking of me on that one… 🙂

~ by Eclipse on January 13, 2012.

14 Responses to “*A Melody of Hope*”

  1. what depth and beauty… mysterious and amazing.

    I really felt this one as the words truly pulled me in.

    FYI – your back ground is sweet!!!!!!


  2. Beautiful rays of positivity – so apt at this time – first month of the year. Vivid imagery too. A (belated) Happy New Year to you, Eclipse.

  3. Light and sunshine is all I dream about right now!

  4. Well deserved award Eclipse and love the poem… “slowly bleeds down the window””….. your talent no no bounds.. Have a wonderful Weekend Eclipse.. be ever well.. 🙂

  5. Beautiful and lovely are both the photo and Poem, Eclipse.
    I especially like these lines:
    “everything that matters
    is a treasure in the heart
    one glow in darkness”
    So eloquent and true!!!

  6. “A melody of hope”. I like this tittle. 🙂 Beautiful poem, Eclipse.

  7. Lovely poem 🙂

  8. A very nice poem Eclipse…
    I hope that you have many
    enjoyable moments over
    the weekend 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  9. Lovely imagery and clever use of words. Love this Eclipse. Hope you book sales are doing well for you

  10. hopeful , beautiful and sweet ..

  11. A very touching poem. “everything that matters / is a treasure in the heart” – so true.

  12. Beautiful. Soft and gentle, lovely imagery.

  13. This is beautifully considered.

  14. I like the photo.

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