*Black Canvas*

Black Canvas is the title of a poem which will be included in a poetry corpus that my husband works on these days. I was asked to illustrate some parts in that soon coming book and below are some of the results… But…

That was not the only reason for this post. Since I try to catch up with the  “A to Z Challenge”  I’ve recently heared of,  and since I am pretty much behind (I’ve done only the letter “A” so far :)) I would like to seize the opportunity and use “Black Canvas” as my second contribution for the challenge.

… A cheat?…. 🙂

© Eclipse 2012

~ by Eclipse on April 6, 2012.

7 Responses to “*Black Canvas*”

  1. It is hardly a cheat by using this exciting posting
    Eclipse and hey I have added at least two older
    scripts, it is still artistic of you to add this one for
    the letter ‘B’ and we get to see your fine work 🙂
    Now that is definitely NOT cheating, indeed it is
    treating us all to your wondrous creativity 😉 🙂

    Androgoth XXx

  2. Pictures are lovely. Good luck with the A-Z

  3. love the illustrations eclipse havent been on here for a while hope your well xjen

  4. Still love your poetry so much, Eclipse, but you are no longer my follower at blogger , don’t comment any more … I still love you the same, but am starting to feel like abandonend by you … Don’t worry about though, eh … You have yor life and I have mine … there is more fish in the sea or whatever, eh? Only hurtful thing is I thought there was more to us, Eclipse … but I guess not … what a shame, eh? Maybe the eclipse is over … is over … Be well, my long lost friend Eclipse, be well … cat ( htpp://catsruledogsdroole.blogspot.com/)

    • I’m sorry you feel like that Cat, my visits to your blog haven’t been less often than to others… “Abandoned” is really an unnecessary word in this context… 🙂

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