*The Saddest Memory*

My love,
I hope
that somewhere in this cold world
there is a cure against the evil darkness.

You and I,
maybe just like the autumn leaves,
keep on falling to the ground.
I was trying to find the key
of the black cover that holds you
in its cold embrace.
And I failed.

A love had been born
among the strong words,
inviting me
into one magic world.
But we were nothing more
than just two strangers,
suited so well together
in a wild dance of words.
Our love
was not enough.
The weakness was larger,
it never won over fears.

In stead of staying alive, together,
we’ve chosen to slowly die. Alone.
You’ve become the Dead Poet…
Yet for me – still Immortal,
still the one from my dream.
Do you remember
how I was prepared to haunt you forever?

So, I guess we’ll be good, darling.
I will find you again.
In another life.


© Eclipse 2009
(Note: Reposted from the archive, on the day that could have become a black anniversary…)

Image by Photobucket

~ by Eclipse on April 30, 2012.

10 Responses to “*The Saddest Memory*”

  1. “Yet for me – still Immortal, / still the one from my dream.” This is, like the whole poem, very heartbreaking. May your word flowers grow on a meadow of pain – they are always a (painful) joy to read.

  2. I am so happy this was resurrected and you don’t have to go searching in the ‘Another Life’ when you have your love in this one.. So Happy that your paths strayed and stayed! 🙂 Love to you my special Friend.. 🙂

  3. Beautiful and moving, Eclipe!!!
    Hope you’re doing great. Croatia soon, right??

  4. It’s beautiful.

  5. Lucky that we did not stray my love upon that old time path now but a memory of the past…
    I Love You Forever.

  6. woowww!!! you are amazing, your poetry is so moving

  7. I’m not sure if I had to press the like button here, but I did it mostly for the language used. Sad love story … You know I am a die hard romantic and the sight of love souls been separated it sends pain in my heart. I wish everyone can have their own little happy end …

  8. Glad it wasn’t a sad anniversary. Lovely writing.

  9. […] *The Saddest Memory* (eclipseofthemoon.wordpress.com) […]

  10. I really like my friend great poem and post.
    Have a fantastic week my friend.
    Hugs and much love.

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