I never thought I’d watch it fade
Yet a pale face rests between my palms now
The eyes of green are closed and all the smiles are gone

Stumbling over the stones
lumbering through the mist
it’s so easy to get lost
And what is worth: the mind is chaos
my soul’s just one big wait

So maybe it’s time
to move on
and rip out that stinging nettle from my chest
Time to understand the feast:
that harvesting of crumbs

Found by sorrow
lost to life
my forest died
Delusion is over
the pain is crowned

Oh how quickly fantasy burns
But the time is ripe
The time for stepping out

© Eclipse 2012

Image by photobucket
Linked line: All credit to Cemetery of Forgotten Poems

~ by Eclipse on July 12, 2012.

6 Responses to “*Harvest*”

  1. Hi Eclipe. Love your poem, beautifully written as always!
    Hope you’re having a lovely summer!

  2. Another fine poem. Love the pain and darkness in the words that I can relate to. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. You write my heart … (in parts) with your wonderfully written poem. But there are wounds not meant to heal and loves that never end. Indeed, “we harvest crumbs”, but when the richest of treasures has already been found we don’t need to feed on them. Heartfelt gratitude for your appreciation!

  4. I so loved reading this .. missed you around off late .. missed your fanatastical writes …

    “my soul’s just one big wait” ..

    so so relate tho this line .. sigh !

  5. ” And rip out the stinging nettle from my chest”—
    Oh what a line… and I have had one or two nettles that have stung in there myself..

    A very heartfelt poem Eclipse, which shares the pain … The time now I have found Eclipse is for stepping out and beyond it all.. and leaving the forests dead leaves to do their work back on the forest floor… as their sacrifice is for renewal .. as we wait once again for those small shoots to grow back from the dark forest floor..
    Always will they rise as they go searching for the light..
    Many too in life now we shall see follow the same fate.. For the Harvest is about to begin..

    Love to you both… ~Sue x

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