8 comments on “*A Spark of Life*

  1. Such a lovely poem. Your write with such feeling. The line about the ice cover melting from her heart spoke to me. I felt just like that when I met my hubby after being widowed.

  2. My dear friend,
    What very deep and moving words. It made me think of the happiness and value of life. The ending was also very beautiful and touching.

  3. Those trees
    entwining their trunks
    drinking from common roots

    Those gulls
    escaping the ocean of dark
    flying with each other’s wings

    Those pens
    filling their book
    with tendrils
    of entangled letters

  4. … melted the ice cover from her heart” … o, how I would love that to happen, Eclipse … but no “global warming” of the heart happening so far in my life … put a “subscibe” gadget under my blogger profile … in case you like to get updates of my posts … your blog is precious to me … keeps me going these days … thank you … Love, cat.

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