If my heart
were a stone
it would be easy not to breathe at nights
and just lie there
in dakness
Being peacefully numb
ignoring the ghosts
that so loudly roams
through the corridors of my worn mind

If my heart
were a glass
it wouldn’t be hard to pour out
the sadness
and give it away
to the thirsty ground of evil
which gapes
in greediness
never satisfied with its prey

If my grief
were a weed
I would rip it out from the ploughland of my heart
and put it on the bonfire
On the trial of life
I would force it to be
on its own
and make the parasite
finally die


© Eclipse 2012

Image by darkwallpapaers

~ by Eclipse on September 9, 2012.

11 Responses to “*Bonfire*”

  1. Kindred Spirit, A soul aflame! I love the eye candy.

    Like children restrained in the backseat hating the journey
    But not still enough to realize
    The anticipated is just out of sight.
    We see with these eyes
    but don’t perceive
    Patience has not been learned
    And hope has not been defined.

  2. A Beautiful heartfelt piece of writing Eclipse..If I were to choose a heart full of pain or one that was numb.. I would choose the one that Beat to the rhythm of my soul. For Pain and Grief teach us the value of Love and Peace,, Without which our hearts would be numb.. and empty..
    Love and Blessings ~Sue

  3. Great illustration.

  4. wow amazing welldone xxxxx I’ve missed you eclips hope all’s well with you?!?!

  5. A heavy load on any heart will need adjustment accordingly.
    What is known of these matters has touched each of us in some way. A thoughtful and thought provoking poem.

  6. If we didn’t feel anything, there would be no point in being alive really, would there?
    Beautiful thoughts.

  7. Lovely image my great friend and fantastic post.
    I wish you a great week a hug with friendship.
    Much love and joy.

  8. Your words evoke the question what would be better: a hard heart that feels nothing or a heart capable to feel the complete roller coaster trip …
    I hope a part of the evil weeds have been rooted out by writing.
    The image you have chosen is great!

  9. … if my grief would be a weed I would definetlty smoke it … otherwise, as always, beautful and inspiriring poem, my friend … and so are you … blessed be … Love, cat.

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