Unsent Letter

My precious,

One day, when I’m gone, you might still choose to browse through some never opened pages of my world. Then you might see raindrops and you might hear sounds. It might seem to you that the wrinkled parchment on the table gave way to all the merciless words that have burdened it through time; and now, deaf and yellowed, it just lies here, forlorn and trapped within its own oblivion. It might seem to you that there’s no one here any more and the silence that lingers within these walls is way too loud.

But the tears still exist. Tightly entwined with the letters, they have never really left. Sometimes, when the darkness took over, loyal and devoted – as they are – they lovingly shared their heart and bled with understanding.
And you know, in those moments, when I lay tucked into the sad pillows of loneliness, it felt like tears were the only friend. But now I know better: they were the main enemy.

My dear ones,
one day you might still choose to listen. And then you’ll perhaps even hear. The same strange strings I used to hear playing within my mind. When rustle of dread replaces heartbeats of longing. An uncommon melody, the same restless murmur you had in your heart, the same one you unexplainably used to repress so many times.

Yet, I want you to know. I have never blamed you. In stead, I wished I could hate the hunter who was so perfectly skilled in the artistry of words. Hate and ease the pain. Hate and smother the blaze in the heart that hungered to see you. But it was in vain. Incapable of doing that, I just let it all pass. As a thrown ball of glass which one decide just not to catch.

So, at the end, it hit the ground and shattered.

And now – nothing’s left, my precious, neither hate nor love; only a piece of parchment on the table. Belated, useless and forever unsent, it lies here just to tell another well-worn story….

Weekly Writing Challenge: And Now For Something Completely Different

~ by Eclipse on October 13, 2012.

6 Responses to “Unsent Letter”

  1. Heart bleed and tears stain the parchment as these words were penned ingrained with the salt brine of bitter sweet melancholy of a wound so deeply etched even words can not heal the torment buried within..
    Your letter is unsent but it hit home to every reader who has ever known pain of the soul…
    Love to you dear Eclipse..
    Sue xx

  2. A recollection of the past, sad and alone she cried herself to sleep without ever knowing if anyone would hear her call, a silence that shudders and adds depth to a time of long ago and yet she is alive within the words of her sorrow, a deep feeling and a heart yearning to be realised…

    This is a lovely piece of writing Eclipse and thank you for sharing your delightful writing abilities with us all, you have a wonderful talent for the wrotten word my great friend 🙂

    Andro xxx

  3. what begins well, will end well

  4. I love your letter.
    By the way beautiful piano music. 🙂

  5. I suppose this is fictitious as you have written it for a prompt. (I already feared you would leave us.) But your letter is bleeding deep sentiments that no one could write who has never experienced them. Awesome.

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