From the Pocket of a Dream

Photo Series: When Evening Falls…

The last October evening in my forest


© Eclipse 2012


9 comments on “Photo Series: When Evening Falls…

  1. 2zpoint
    November 2, 2012

    Hello! I always love waling in areas where the cool moss grows. It always seems to be the quietest place in the woods. I have napped on lime rocks covered in moss and watched animals walk by below where I was at. Very fun and relaxing. I have a tale where it became dangerous when I was a kid on my blog. “An Eleven-Year -Old’s Rock Climbing Tale” in case your interested!
    Thank you for sharing the pictures…I would not have thought about those peaceful things at this moment without you! Peace be with you.

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  3. William Charlebois
    November 1, 2012

    I’d love to live in your forest – moss under my feet, trees as my friends, leaves for a blanket, the earth for my bed.

    You’re very welcome to post my digital collage if you’d like. Thank you for asking!

  4. Sue Dreamwalker
    October 31, 2012

    How beautiful Eclipse, this looks to be a peaceful magical place and such lovely place to spend the last night of October on Hallows Eve… thank you for sharing

    Happy Halloween xxx

  5. ladynimue
    October 31, 2012

    The sallow floor-bed
    sighed under my bare feet
    as I followed the shadows
    hiding the grey skies –
    so within my reach,
    yet not.
    he reaches the clearing
    where I stood with eyes closed,
    hugging myself. He holds me
    and yet I can feel the distant calls
    of love , longing and the world comes to me.

    • Martin
      November 1, 2012

      If you look closely you can see elves and goblins hiding behind and in the stones and peeking out from between the roots 😉 Love your photographic perspective again.

      • Martin
        November 1, 2012

        Oops! I posted my comment in the wrong place. So I might add that Nimue’s poem is a gem.

    • William Charlebois
      November 1, 2012

      Beautiful poem, Lady Nimue!

      • ladynimue
        November 1, 2012

        glad you liked 🙂
        The inspiration was awesome 😉

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