*Lady of Lakes*

For Nimue


As a blindfold fell the fog that evening. Its cold fingers crawled upon her shoulders. Roaming in blindness, her bare feet searched for some drops of dew. And it seemed to be no end to the hopelessness of her ramble.

Wrapped around branches, the darkness rustled eerily. But the Forest whispered so friendly and inviting, offering a path on its palm of moss.

At dawn, while the gloom still vainly fought the light, exhausted and breathless, she could finally see it. Shining from the bottom of the valley, faithful and loyal, there lay her Lake. Awaiting. Thirsty of longing, her body shook with desire. The ropes of twigs that guided her through the night,  fell down from her waist. The shield of tiny warming leaves, given by the wind, withdrew humbly back to the ground. The Forest was ready to let go.

Her eyes became mirrors, her hair flared with life. Down the slope, through the grass, she flowed. To be poured where she belongs.To be merged with her beloved, lost forever in his endless eyes…


© Eclipse 2012
Image by Photobucket

~ by Eclipse on November 3, 2012.

7 Responses to “*Lady of Lakes*”

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  2. I loved this….

  3. This was wow !!!
    fantabulous , gorgeous ..
    I so much felt the pull to go merge with this mystical lady and the lover ..
    sigh !

    thank you thank you thank you soooo much 😀

  4. Romance is your oxygen generously given as ever -x

  5. To be lost forever in your soul mates eyes… I couldn’t think of a better place to be lost. 🙂

  6. You take your readers along on a wonderful fantasy journey … I get reminded of Genesis’ “The Fountain of Salmacis”.

  7. A magical entry dear Eclipse along with your magical music….. 🙂
    Wishing you a Peaceful weekend my friend xx ~Sue

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