*Emerald Desire*

just because we are here
that doesn’t mean the path is real
it could be an illusion
that walk between the trees
that emerald desire
– a hunt of vain

and the thirst
quenched at the well
overfull with yearning
perhaps was a deceit
a simple trick
a fraud
which life preserves
within the archive of its own
like an ace
you only think you have
inside your pocket
yet in fact
it’s filled with naught

for what is worth
when life like sand
keeps on  trickling through the fingers
and cruel

ruthless to the end
like a vengeful woman
it will offer the sacrifice
putting it like in triumph
into the skeleton arms

just because we smile
that doesn’t mean the tears
are gone
it could be unbreakable
that leaden mask upon the heart…
© Eclipse 2012

Image by CG Pirate

~ by Eclipse on November 24, 2012.

8 Responses to “*Emerald Desire*”

  1. A delightful poem my great friend
    and you have captured the mood
    of this one so perfectly 🙂

    Andro xxx

  2. Very powerful. I guess, like a bubble, life’s illusions always burst. But it is so beautiful until it does.

  3. So true… just because we smile doesn’t mean we are happy at all…it just means we’re good at hiding how we really feel.
    Very deep, dark, and…YOU 🙂

  4. ” Just because we smile it does not mean the tears are gone”…

    Masks are worn throughout time as we see the illusions change …. Each era, each season, It matters not what is on the outside as we change those masks, but what we keep within our hearts…
    For its only throughout eternity that we traverse the world of reality in the facets of our mind..

    Always love to travel among your own emerald thoughts Eclipse 🙂

  5. Best regards and have a nice new week!

  6. Very dark – and hunting – just like life can be at times … been there myself a couple of times.

  7. The good things in life have the worth we attribute to them. Of course, we may see everything as an illusion, and death will take everything in the end. But does that diminish our heart’s treasures?

  8. Haunting indeed. I liked it a lot.

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