Photo Series: Winter » 13

2 Responses to “13”

  1. This is my favourite as well, Sue…
    Yes, Lady Winter is hugging us again – with 16 below zero over here… But it’s beautiful to see the sparkles in the snow at nights 🙂
    Unfortunatelly my 12-12-12 begun with flu 😦 ah well…
    Thank you for your visit dear! Wishing you a lovely day
    Hugs & Love//Sanna

  2. I like this one in particular, with the Rose Hips… But they are all lovely Eclipse… Winter is covering us in her white blanket of snow and Ice….
    Its white out with frost this evening and below zero in the garden with the outdoor thermometer … Stay warm and well my friend, I hope you had an especially good day this day of 12-12-12 xxxxx Much love sent your way my dear Eclipse and love seeing you on your new image logo.. xxx Sue

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