A word upon my palm.
Bird with the shivering heart.
Impermanent. As a drop of dew
burned by the unsparing rays of sun.
Like a tear upon the lip: a trace of salt
hidden within the smile.

I hold a word upon my palm.
I hold a bird in the shade.
Mute, forgotten inside the cage.

A piece of poetry.



© Eclipse 2013

~ by Eclipse on January 24, 2013.

6 Responses to “*Bird*”

  1. Salted tears we have tasted many… but I hope you are never caged….or muted….

    You were born to Fly……… and Sing…………….

    Sending you a Hug via Dreamwalker’s xox

  2. black romantic …

  3. This my dear is truly beautiful … all of it; illustration, setting, poem … holding a word upon the palm line touched me. Thank you,

  4. Hello 🙂


  5. Long time no see … Happy New Year to you. Love this picture .. poem, I’m not an expert on, Sorry!

  6. Where have you been, my friend E … ? I missed you so much … Caged in … muted … share with me … I know about these things, Love, cat.

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