You Whose Hands Are More Innocent Than Mine

Presenting Vesna Parun, Croatian poetess  (1922-2010)

With her very first poetry collection “Black Olive”   in 1955,  love was the primary subject of her poems.


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You whose hands are more innocent than mine
you with the wisdom of insouciance.
You who can read his loneliness
from his forehead better than I,
and who can remove the slow shadows
of hesitation from his face,
as the spring wind removes
the shadows of clouds floating above the hill.

If your embrace gives courage to the heart
and your thighs detain the pain,
if your name gives rest to his thoughts, and your neck
means the shade to his resting place,
and if the night of your voice is a grove
still untouched by storms.

Than stay by him,
and be more devout
than those who had loved him before you.
Beware the echoes that approach
to the innocent nests of love.
Be gentle to his sleep
below the invisible mountain
at the edge of the roaring sea.
Walk along his shore.
May the sadded dolphins meet you.
Wander in his woods.
Friendly lizards will not harm you.
And the thirsty serpents that I tamed
will be humble before you.
May the birds which I warmed
in the fozen nights sing to you.
May the boy whom on a deserted road
I protected from spies caresses you.
May the flowers I watered with my tears
bring fragrance to you.

I was not blessed to witness
the best years of his manliness.
I did not receive his fertility into my bosom
ravaged by glances of cattle drovers at faires,
and those of greedy thieves.
His children I shall never lead
by the hand. And the stories
which I prepared for them
a long time ago maybe I shall tell weeping
to poor little bears
abandoned in black forest.

You with hands more innocent than mine
be gentle to his sleep
which is still innocent.
Yet permit me to see
his face when years unknown to me
proceed to descend upon it.
And tell me at times something about him
so I may not have to ask
the wondering strangers and neighbors
who show pity for my patience.

You whose hands are more innocent than mine
stay by his headrest,
and be gentle to his dream!



~ by Eclipse on March 2, 2013.

7 Responses to “You Whose Hands Are More Innocent Than Mine”

  1. […] poetry and no edition which is in print today. I can only find a copy of the title poem here and so here are few tantalising […]

  2. Lovely post my great friend and thanks for your visit and comment that you left me.
    I wish you excellent w.e. with love and joy 🙂


  3. A deep poignant poem in which she bares her heart … Thank you for sharing Eclipse..
    I hope you are well? sending you my love and Hugs ~Sue xox

  4. Greetings from Warsaw!
    Have a look at my new photo album.

  5. Nice to see you writing again : ) I like to thank you as well for sharing this touching poem that comprises so much greatness and love.
    May you enjoy a warm and light filled spring.

  6. Vesna Parun words tug at my heart and head. Thank you for presenting here Eclipse

  7. It’s been a while, long long time, I read a heart-wrenching, beautifully worded poem like his one.

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