*Weaved By The Darkest Silk*

At the threshold of oblivion

When I first met you
at the threshold of one lonely dusk
you were
a drop of poetry
upon the dry soil of my life
One pale beam
a glimpse of fantasy I’ve once burned
then buried for good

But I happened to glance
at your words
Me – dead for romance
Me – a random passerby
with no intention
to ever search for a place
for my dreams that had nowhere to go

I glanced at your words
– those bleeding lines of grief
and unaware of the own steps
I came across your world
weaved by the darkest silk

And I remember our nights
Your sorrows merged with mine
Heavy nights – all lit
by that strange and painful love

the years had to pass
Long years of drought
in yearning for your eyes

Until the day
you chose to live and unleash the sky
that lay dormant within your gaze
Until you
at the treshold of our lonely dusk
finally stepped out
from the dream


© Eclipse 2013

Image by fanpop

~ by Eclipse on March 24, 2013.

12 Responses to “*Weaved By The Darkest Silk*”

  1. Destiny always holds us within the web of her own silken thread.. sometimes it weaves us in Gold…
    Love this.. 😉

  2. Hello! Have a wonderful weekend

  3. Very Inspiring. Makes me want to grab a pen and a paper and write, scream my heart out..I’m alive!

  4. There are stars that emerge from the darkest sky and turn it into a sunlit heaven. Beautiful : )

  5. How beautiful is this magic poem, gothic,romantic nostalgic, decadent…darkly beautiful ,my great friend and lovely image.
    Dear greetings


  6. Wonderful written … and it’s great to hear from you again, it has been a while. The image is so beautiful.

    • Thank you dear Viveka….yes it has been a while…I guess I have a lot to catch up with….We’ll see…

      • Always nice to hear from you. Don’t worry about the catching up .. just delete and start on the day, that’s what I do. Looking forward to hear from you again.

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