*Double Nature*


I wish I could say I was sorry
But the words were swords

There is something inside me
– living a life
A subtenant with no rental agreement
A parasite

It has the throat that stays glued
Its teeth are stuck in my soul
Like a leech
(it’s funny – it doesn’t even let me bleed)

I wish I could speak
But I was busy listening
To a whisper that crouches in my inward
To a voice ready for a jump
every time I feel weak

I wish I could say I was wrong
But there’s someone inside me

And She has the evil heart


© Eclipse 2013

Image by DesktopNexus

~ by Eclipse on May 31, 2013.

6 Responses to “*Double Nature*”

  1. Brilliant.
    Hope you’re doing great, Eclipse.

  2. Beautiful and so sad !!! Love that image too.

  3. I like this a lot too.

    ‘She’ with the evil heart lives in all of us I think…

    Injuries of the heart and soul leave ‘She’ exposed and oh how in our anger we relish her presence and injure ourselves more. But sometimes she is right and apologies are not appropriate – although would be readily accepted…

  4. Beautiful and sad.

  5. I wish I could say this feeling was rare… But I fear many hold an unwelcome companion within… The battle of wills often fought ..

    Your poems captures well the personality which lays within… who we keep at bay, but who at times rears her ugly head…

    Sending you my thoughts Eclipse… Love ~Sue

  6. I like this … a lot … for many reasons … too many to describe in this comment box … go to sleep, little baby …

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