The windmill at Kvarnkullen in Strängnäs, Sweden, was built in 1855 after  one of the Dutch  models. The first windmill was stated on the Munkbackens Hill, at the same place where the present mill stands right now. This happened probably in the year  1630. It was the mayor Berelius in Strängnäs, who got permission to build a new one, and now it stands here since 1688!

This weekend,  we had an oppotrunity to visit the inside of this lovely old building. 

The windmill has a fixed mill house and a rotating cowl. The large machinery was divided into four floors of the huge vertical shaft with a rudder stockin the middle. The cool thing is that the old machinealmost entirely built of wood, is really well preserved. Just dress its wings with canvas and you could actually start it for real….


© Eclipse 2013


~ by Eclipse on July 20, 2013.

10 Responses to “Windmill”

  1. This must have been a wonderful adventure, and
    stepping back into history, today as it were 🙂 How wonderful 🙂

    I hope that both you and Stefan are
    well and enjoying everything in life together 🙂
    Give him my best regards Eclipse, he is, and
    always has been a fine gentleman 🙂

    Andro xxxx

  2. Hello! I wish you a successful new week.

  3. Fascinating Eclipse, I just love these old mills, We have one I visit in England which still grinds its own flour 🙂 Lovely photos thank you x

  4. As I said before you live in a stunning area of Mälaren … Strängnäs is so beautiful.
    Your photos are excellent … my favorite is with the small blue flowers in the front – so pretty and so very Swedish summer. We have a couple of windmills down here in the South too .. but I have never been inside one. I wish you pleasant week.

    • Thank you dear Viveka! Yes it was really cool to see the town from the inside of the windmill. Wishing you a lovely week too. (And – thanks for the friendship out there at FB ;))

      • Amazing how well kept and clean it was inside. The shots with the blue flowers in the front, very cleverly done … I will try that .. when I’m out and about next time.

  5. Piękny wiatrak. Pozdrawiam i życzę miłego weekendu.

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