When Forest Weeps

For Timon

The forest outside my windows whispers
through the thick November darkness
Her mirror of mist stares into skies
hiding her drowsy eyes of green
Her mossy womb
cries out for the sun
The time is just ripe for sadness

The distant stars do not hear her futile clamour
Birds on the departure do not care
she trembles along with the winds
while they ruffle her hair of yellowing leaves
Her tired wooden arms
are vainly outstretched
in an unbearable craving for nutrition
for some warm embrace of light

Where are you now
in this darkest hour
while my forest weeps
through the sunset of emotions
of dying here upon the threshold of winter

Where are you now
while my heart eagerly turns back the time
into a precious memory of the day
when I held you for the very first time
The day you came and took me
to a journey into your smile
The day you came
and lit up
my thick November darkness


© Eclipse 2013

~ by Eclipse on November 29, 2013.

6 Responses to “When Forest Weeps”

  1. Exquisite writing, I wish I had your talent.

  2. I am left with feelings of longing and mourning from this piece.

    I really like the many moments of movement contained in phrases like “mossy womb”, “they ruffle her hair of yellowing leaves” and “sunset of emotions”: which heightens the sense that there is yet, still, a deep yearning in the midst of all that slow death.

  3. Beautiful sentiments as you reach into the ‘Heart’ of the wood as you blend your thoughts with their feelings
    Much Love sent my friend
    Sue xox

  4. The starvation. The terrible, insidious, beautiful starvation. I weep for it in this piece. And the beauty that is possible, so possible, but has flown away.

  5. Great writing Kindred Spirit.

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