Haunted Ghost


I become a sob
facing your words
those waves of your soul
wash me away
to this deep sea of self
where we are mirrors
and mirrored in mystery

I become a gust
of wind searching
your leaves to stir
what cannot be stirred
but maybe resound
in the core of roots

I became a ghost
– haunted –
eclipsed by your moon’s shadow
– silent and stoic and gleaming –
wafting across your sea
wailing around jagged rocks
where this world is ending.

by Martin

More to read at Cemetery of Forgotten Poems

Image by Artwalpaper

~ by Eclipse on February 21, 2014.

5 Responses to “Haunted Ghost”

  1. I’m sorry but it must be some technical problem … WordPress and Blogger don’t get along with each other sometimes it seems.

  2. Wonderful and descriptive poem from Martin… Thank you for sharing 🙂 Have a good weekend Eclipse.. Hugs Sue

  3. Very kind of you to share this, dear Sanna : )

    • The pleasure is mine Martin, it is an incredibly beautiful poem…( I’ve tried to add a comment on your post but as I can see it didn’t work…. ?)

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