Guess Who…


A middle-aged couple in Pajala (Norrbotten, Sweden) decide to escape the cold winter in Sweden for some warmth in Mallorca where they were married 20 years ago.

For some reasons the man goes there the day before his wife. When he checked into the hotel, he discovers that there is a computer with the internet access in the room. He decides to send an email to his wife. Unfortunately, he misspells the mail address and of course it ended up somewhere else..

In this case it went to a priest widow of Södermanland, (also Sweden) who just returned home from her husband’s funeral.
Her son finds her a bit later – passed out by the computer, and he reads this on the screen:

“To my beloved wife…
I have just arrived, I know you’re surprised to hear from me but they actually have computers here nowadays and I wanted to take this opportunity emailing you. Everything is prepared for your arrival tomorrow,  I look forward seeing you then, dear.  Hope your journey will be as hassle free as mine.

PS:  It’s really hot down here …… ”


Image by JoyReactor

~ by Eclipse on February 22, 2014.

2 Responses to “Guess Who…”

  1. OMG … this hilarious …

  2. Chuckling away here Eclipse lol.. haha… and I just love Mallorca having visited 4 times around various places on the Island..
    Thank you for making me laugh.. 🙂 Enjoy your own Sunday, and Hope its full of laughter too xxx Sue

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