*Queen of Pantomime*


I can feel your fear.
The disappointment that shines out through your eyes
reaching my darkness, over and over.

She arrived anyway.
Along with the autumn.
On time, indeed. And now she lingers
ever since the time
when the late summer, in agony,
tried to breathe through the yellowing leaves.

She wears a dress of ash and her wings are grey.
Firm as a promise, wet and cold, she stands here
yearning for that promised hug.

And I’ll tell you: sometimes she is quiet,
or merely whispers…
That bird – deceitful and so tired of my neglect.
But at times she is loud and screams inside my head.
In hope that I would leave, give in…
Or – at least – stumble and fall.
She floats without moving,
sucked into the flesh of my mind.

I know your fear.
And it’s as dark as mine.
But I won’t leave. I will always be here.

To hurt you.


© Eclipse 2014
Image by DesktopNexus


~ by Eclipse on March 4, 2014.

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