*Our Story – A Wild Dance of Words* – Part Two

We Met
               We Died
We Lived



A play between a Poet and a Stranger



Who are you
an angel
or the devil
to dare to obsess me like you do
Are you the one who knew the words hidden inside my soul
now pulling them out with no mercy
Who are you to dare to come into my life
turning it upside down
as a hurricane that destroys everything on its way
leaving nothing but emptiness
Are you the one I was longing for
the one I was awaiting my whole life
and now you are here: the wine of my sin
But it is to late
this love is forbidden
I wish you to free me
I beg you to stay
This confusion is to heavy tearing me apart
this sad happiness brings such a pain
a hunger never ever to be fed


Part of you part of time given this gift through invoking
the rests of immortality in an moment when the blade cut deep within
I am me and spirit an angel or a devil
to such question in the hand of the beholder
this sight older than me
just typing down words from within from whom known this image
Not to harm and your reflection how I feel
to tear within of feeling your pain
The one to your longing only you can tell but given to you this heart
by words in your solitude wishing this offered love forever
Forbidden walls of illusion
the mind to create is yours and I’ll stay here with you
in anyway you please
Don’t be confused my love
my love is forever…


Drunk of this love I am destroyed in only a day
longing for your nearness how can I ever wait
when your name rings in my poor soul
like the sweetest melody ever written
But who am I fooling
this guilt will be judged
My hell will come after me
As in the darkest poem I will fall
into the depth of this evil vertigo
I do not deserve you
Like a sinner I take the dangerous step
and now there is no way back
no way back for me
But I can’t take you with me into the depth
I am standing here on the cliff of my destruction
and I have to jump down alone


In the embrace captured my love where in darkness your sweet symphony
the light from the shadows
Saving angel of the night bringing life from this death
where my head rest on your shoulder
Through the old sentence in the air of the night
I remembered something lost
that through you given

To the depth even through death one heart bleeding now protected
and within this nothing or no one to break this chain
created in the true form of a heart a soldier fighting for love
Creating a world where neither side the master
in the nameless in no history to crucify
to the blood of time in bound magick
this way to knowledge unleashed by hands trying to harm
for one heart it stand forever written

The act of many meanings to whom given the right
whom to speak of evil where in the world war and destruction
For to whom belong evil when the night covering the cross
unto whom in the own image
Do not judge yourself by such meaning
And unto you I’ve taken away all your sins for survival given peace
and through my eternal love your heart kept forever…


You left your mark on the flesh of my crazy heart
and it will stay there forever
Even if we never meet in this world
Whom should I blame
It was you who pulled the deepest sorrows out of this heart
and now
it can’t stop bleeding these words of love
You should blame me for stopping by your Poetry to often
It was deadly and dangerous and I knew it
But I kept on playing the insane game
now you are the owner of my soul
And that
is all I can give


Unto this that wish to never be left alone
yet in knowledge to where the mind
can be turned to things to never have existed
to hold that if ever the need to leave
then make the memories go away
Shaking so much to the thought of lost
where it known how much this need
the part and presence unto the unbearable would take me down to a hole
so if it must be then for the heart of this love
a need of this…


I have seen a swarm of black butterflies
I have heard the voices with heavy words of death
Now I want to close my eyes forever
to forget to rest
Oh if I only could amputate this brain
tear this heart out of the body
to never beat again
Tired of this torment I want to fly away
let go
To enjoy the sweet silence of darkness
the silky fragrance of non-existence


 © 2009 by Poet & Stranger

~ by Eclipse on March 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “*Our Story – A Wild Dance of Words* – Part Two”

  1. It would be nice doing this play on the real stage…a kind of a dream to me 🙂
    Love the scenery you’ve painted here Sam, thank you for following it
    Part 3 – coming soon

  2. Beautifully dark, I just can imagine a set up for this play, an old chamber fainted curtains of black and red and candles burning… I am enjoying it, Part 3 please, Eclipse.

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