A slowly falling dusk.
No sound of the usually whispering water
from the distance.
One cry of a dying bird.
And nothing more, nothing more.

But then:
a tired shadow of a man with the hands in his hair
and a carved line on his forhead.
A silvery circle of the moon.

Suddenly: a groan.
And nothing more.
Only silence
and the pale light of the moon through a deserted field.
An errant bat among the branches.

One wait, all humid of tears.
Nothing more.
it seemed like that night
even the grass bursted out sobbing.


© Eclipse 1979 (From my first poetry corpus  “The Dormant Star”)

Image by My Opera

~ by Eclipse on November 2, 2011.

20 Responses to “*Groan*”

  1. Wow! Awesome!

  2. 30 something years later, an oldie and still a charmer. it fits so well with the image too. as if you started with the image and then wrote a poem based on it.

  3. My emotion is rushing upon remembering my father. I lost my father last March and you know, he never wanted to leave us that early. I could feel the pain he felt the moment he knew he was about to bid goodbye to my mother and to us 😦

  4. this poem creates a glow around isolation. echoes of beckett,but
    your poem offers more depth and humanity.

  5. How did I recently say? A good word never gets old.
    Just a trifle: “forehead”. It leaped at me 😉

  6. even the grass bursted out sobbing … and who wouldn’t? such icons, such emotions, I could feel the pain of the man … your words are alive and haunting my heart!

  7. Hi Eclipse. This was haunting. The image of the loneliness – the tired shadow of a man…carved line on his forehead…


  8. This one from 1979 is a most enchanting poem my great friend, a rather dark and melancholy poem, and yet it is a really nice read Eclipse 🙂

    Thank you for sharing a poem
    from your past, I have enjoyed it…

    Androgoth XXx

  9. Wow, bleak, poignant. This one moved me. I really felt the emptiness.

  10. lovely words though sad and haunting…

    have a good weekend ~

  11. your life must have been in a dark mood at some point ecipse pleased your not there now xxjen

  12. there’s so much space to feel the mood of this piece, the pain..carefully woven so we can see him through the veil..

  13. Lots of great imagery here and some neat lines. I love the last stanza. Thanks for the read

  14. Love is like that at times … one last groan.

  15. Very sad indeed. Your writing is dark this past few posts. This is deep and beautiful.

    • Thank you Daydreamer…
      This one was written a long, long time ago…the other ones written lately are only fictional…..luckily, have nothing to do with my life now 🙂
      (Just wanted to share some of my early writings from time to time – these are posted under the “Archive” category)

  16. Haunting and very different

  17. Excellent groan … uhm, … poem, my sweet friend … I can relate, although I way past the “groaning” stage … it’s more the “whatever” stage for me … I trust nobody but myself at this time … nothing wrong with that … wishing you much happiness, Love … cat.

  18. A sad tale of a lonely soul in pain…you capture the mind in your words Eclipse as you take us with you to the heart of his pain..

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