*The Dance of Forever*

She saw it.
The truth shone from his eyes.
Honesty lay within the words of distance.
Words written long before their time,
in sand, in leaves, in ashes
– she could read them.
And they carried with them a well known obsession.
A desire, muted by pain through the years.

She recognized him behind the mist of written lines.
There, at the timeless page,
in the moment when his fantasy, like a puzzle
fell into her own.

But it turned to be a plague.
She travelled roads, she burned, she froze.
She were grinded by a mill of distrust,
until her eyes became dark holes and her soul
felt no more.

Dissatisfied with the crumbs in life, she drunk
from the offered goblet.
She demanded a Dance of Forever
a promise, to be signed with blood.
He strteched out his arms, worn of loneliness
and gave away his bleeding heart.

She saw it.
She listened.
And it beat with love beyond the death.


© Eclipse 2012
Image by free hd-wallpapers

~ by Eclipse on September 25, 2012.

10 Responses to “*The Dance of Forever*”

  1. A brilliant piece of writing Eclipse, there is nothing like mistrusting and self doubting as we would sooner punish ourselves in loneliness forever than to believe and be hurt all over again..
    I am so glad you saw as he gave you his bleeding heart and you listened to the beat of your own 🙂
    Hugs to you my friend
    Sue xx

  2. Admire you so .. that can put down feelings, desire, passion and lost – in worlds … in a such beautiful way. Amazing.

  3. Fantastic post i really like my great friend.
    I wish you a magical romantic October with friendship …Soul.

  4. love the new look… its very romantic yet scalding.. :-D.. i love this creation.. amazing. 🙂

  5. So dark and yet offers a romantic twist,
    the blood bonding their hearts and through
    the darkness a new light is born 🙂

    How sweetly written
    my great friend Eclipse 😉

    Androgoth xxx

  6. I like the illustration

  7. wonderful background music!
    thanks for voting at my guitar repertoire!

  8. Very Gothic. Deep and passionate.

  9. Very dark and deep … of course I must love it. To recognise one another by words written in sand, in leaves and in ashes and through the mist is truly like discovering a brilliant piece of amber on a vast beach.

  10. Forever my love ,Forever two…..I Love you. -kiss-

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